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I have an asp site that i'm converting to .NET and am trying to wrap my head around forms authentication, memberships, and roles. In this site, I have a LOGINS table that contains all of the user info for my site. Obviously, I'd like to keep this table in tact and use it for memberships. I know there's a script that can be run that creates all of the tables needed, and then in web.config there's some configuration settings that are done, then it works. How can I configure it to use my LOGINS table? I found but it seems like a lot of code to do what I want, is this my only option?
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urir10Connect With a Mentor Commented:
i had a similar situation with one of my project, but instead of rewriting the asp membership i kept the existing user table and used the asp db along side. i would have duplicate user info in two table but than one table will be fully customizable by me and one only for use for the membership.

I know it doesnt really answer your question, but its something to think about.
Steve BinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you use the built-in ASP.NET memberships and roles, you are using a specific membership provider.  To replace it (in part or in whole), you would need to create a new membership provider.  The link you provided is an example of how to do just that, and demonstrates what is required for the task you want to complete.  urir10 definitely has the easier option.

Short answer: you can't.  Long answer: you can create a new membership provider that uses your specific table instead of the defaults.
Big MontySenior Web Developer / CEO of Author Commented:
hmmm, thats what I was afraid. Maybe I can import my custom user table into the new membership table or something.

i'm going to leave this open for a few days and see if anyone else has any opinions, otherwise I'll split the points between the two of you.

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