Citrix xenapp printing

I want to allow user session printers, but not printers mapped that are installed on the PC they are  connecting from. I can't figure out the policies. There is auto creation, mapping and session printers. I have the ica and rdp at default to map the printers. How do I control this with the policy. I've read but don't quite understand auto creation. Does it auto create everything? How do you only create session printers? I'm using xenapp 4.5 on w2k3 server. Thanks
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Do you want to map all the printers a client has or just their default printer?
In either case you should use the CMC (it has been rename to the PSC or XAC) depending on the Rollup you're on.
So, depending on the version they've changed the naming conventions on the policies but hopefully you can make out what I have below, but if not let me know.
I've found that the best way is to either map the default printer or all printers and only use the Citrix Universal Driver (clients need to be at 9.x I believe otherwise they'll default to the Universal Printer Driver).
1. Create a Policy in the Console and Enable "Printing -> Client Printers -> Auto-creation -> and select Enabled -> and select Auto-create all client printers.
2.  In that Policy "Printing -> Client Printers -> Turn off client printers -> and select Disabled.
3. In that Policy "Printing -> Drivers -> Native printer driver -> and select Enabled -> and select Do not automatically instal drivers. (This forces CUD or UPM depending on client as described above).
4.  In that Policy "Printing -> Drivers -> Universal driver -> and select Enabled -> and select Use universal driver only.
With this setup, all printers are autocreated/mapped, printer mapping is not disabled, no native drivers are installed on the server, and everyone uses the universal driver.
There are a lot of options for printing, so there are a lot of ways to set it up. Depends on requirements and what works.
My preference is to enable all printers or the default printer and force them to use the Citrix Universal Driver.  Preferrably they should be on the latest client or at least 10.x or 11.x and above.
This way you don't have to deal with printer drivers.  Although there are instances where some functionality can be lost with the Citrix Universal Driver with certain applications and certain printers.

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for session printers only, create a new policy
under client printers

auto creation - enabled - do not auto create printers
 printer propertiers - enables - held in users profile
print routing - enabled - direct to print server
turn off printer mapping - enabled

drivers - as previous comment

sessions printers - enabled - add network printers
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