Entourage 2008 will not download emails; just folder structure

We are running an exchange 2003 server on Windows 2003.  We have just added our first MAC as a test unit and so far connecting it to the Domain was pretty simple.

We are running into an issue now that is pretty strange in my opinion.  We have purchased and installed Entourage 2008 and the updates available from MS website.  When we open Entourage and setup the credentials, the folders start displaying; but nothing inside the folders ever appear.

Calendar events populate as normal.  I have right clicked on the folder and checked into the properties.  It registers the size of the folder (13kb) but, once again; nothing ever downloads.  Logging into OWA, you can see all of the emails (8) that he received.

Can anyone help with this?  It's for the COO of the company and is obviously a very high priority.
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murgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at this tutorial.
Also make sure the SSL cert is installed on the Mac.
This is the alternate way to set it up. I have used both and both work.
roadnrailAuthor Commented:
How do you install the SSL certificate on the Mac?  I saw an error 1 time about that; but it oly appeared once.
Copy it to the Mac desktop and double click it. The keychain manager should open.
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