Simple Lotus Notes Calendar Appointment form used in an application.

Is there a way, using the same appointment fields like StartTime, EndTime, etc. to add the data to your lotus notes calendar when user reserves an event in a Lotus Notes application that emails the date, time, event to the user that can be added to their calendar from the memo?
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KTTKTTAuthor Commented:
This is what I've done thus far:  
1.  In my Notes Application, created a form w/the Appointment fields:  StartDate, EndDate, StartTime, EndTime, Subject, Location.
2.  Set the Form field to "Appointment"
3.  User creates an appt. from the db., saves, hits SEND document - it's routed to user's Inbox
4.  When you open the from Inbox, it looks like a Calendar Appt.
5.  It shows up in the Calendar View as an Appointment.
6.  In the example above, I set the StartDate to 03/29/2010, EndDate 03/29/2010,  StartTime: 04:00 PM  EndTime 05:00 PM
7.  It lands on my Notes Calendar View for the correct date 03/29/2010, but shows in calendar view with wrong time: at 12:00am
8.  When I open appt, it shows 4:00 pm startdate and 5:00 pm enddate
9.  I can then Drag and Drop to correct view time in calendar view w/no problems.

I would like to get it to display on my Notes Calendar for the correct Time.  Any help is appreciated.  thx
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
There some more fields that require a value, see in the Document Properties of a manually created Appointment document (and the Calendar view, in the first few columns).

Fields you might need to set explicitly:
- CalendarDateTime
- EndDateTime
- EndTimeZone
- StartDateTime
- StartTimeZone

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KTTKTTAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I reviewed the field properties of a manual appt. in my calendar, The notes mail ($Calendar) view, and the appointment form, added the fields you mentioned and was able to get this to work.  Thanks !
This can probably be improved to work with busytime, etc.  For now here are a few simple things I did to get it to work:
Used the following formulas for fields below:
StartTimeZone default formula: @If(@IsAvailable(CopyInto); StartTimeZone; @GetCurrentTimeZone)
EndTimeZone default formula: @If(@IsAvailable(CopyInto); EndTimeZone; @GetCurrentTimeZone)
StartDateTime Inputtranslation formula:  @If(@IsAvailable (StartDate : StartTime ); @TimeMerge(StartDate ; StartTime)  ;  StartDateTime)
EndDateTime Inputtranslation formula: @If(@IsAvailable (EndDate : EndTime ); @TimeMerge(EndDate ; EndTime)  ; EndDateTime)
CalendarDateTime Inputtranslation formula:  @If(@IsAvailable (StartDate : StartTime ); @TimeMerge(StartDate ; StartTime)  ; CalendarDateTime)
For good measure, added hidden fields in appointment form:  LocalTimeZone, AppointmentType, $CSVersion, TaskType
Added simple action button:  Add to my Notes calendar with simple 2 simple actions:  SEND DOCUMENT, and a Run Function formula:
@Prompt([Ok] ; "Added to Calendar" ; "Please check your calendar date for accuracy" ); @Prompt([Ok] ; "Added to Calendar" ; "This calendar entry does NOT check for free time and calendar double booking" );@Command([FileCloseWindow])
KTTKTTAuthor Commented:
Other references I used:
Scroll down to "Build a simple event calendar"
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