Hyperlink INSIDE a picture inside the body of an Outlook email?

Can it be done?

Have a picture or possibly a PDF in the BODY of the email (easy to do with a picture, I got that covered), and have hyperlinks (email addresses) that will work in said picture or PDF?

If possible, would like to have up to 4 hyperlinked email addresses in a picture, which will show up in the BODY of the Outlook email. I know I can hyperlink the whole picture, but its not what I want exactly.

Tried to follow this: http://www.emailaddressmanager.com/tips/html-email.html  but that just hyperlinks the whole picture.
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RohitBagchiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Simplest solution = cut the pic into 4 strips and link an email to each, then embed them one after the other so it appears to be one image when seen.

Daniel Van Der WerkenIndependent ConsultantCommented:
The only thing I can think of is image mapping.  Where you'd create a hyperlink at a map coordinate within the image.

Here is the general idea:

Unfortunately this is not possible in EDM or emails, since both positioning and backgrounds will not work in most clients.

You can either embed these emails onto the picture and split the picture into several clickable images

Although outlook will support an image map, it's not supported by all other clients/providers, for example GMail  so I'd avoid it if you were targetting multiple audience, this table here shows you most clients/providers and their support status for image maps http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/2432/do-image-maps-work-in-html-ema/
TheHappyTechAuthor Commented:
I actually did RohitBagchi's solution (before read it) last friday. I cut the picture into 4 strips (via carefully placed screenprints) and copied and pasted to the body of the email. Then I inserted the hyperlinks.

Problem solved.
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