what is smarthost? why we are using?

what is the advantage of smarthost over Dns server.

smart host is recommended for relay?
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
I use messagelabs as a smart host, they virus scan, spam filter, and they maintain all associated list and services for the forementioned and thats just for starters.

They may also notify you if your ex server is being used as a relay or one of your clients is spammig emails.

Keep your smart host, they are worth their weight.
each has advantages and disadvantages. on te up side you dont have to worry about blacklisting, reverse dns or any other smtp delivery concerns but on the down side you have a middle man, less control over the progress of outbound mail and another point of failure. also there is likely to be a few seconds more delay when using smarthost for outbound delivery (usually not a problem for most)

for experienced providers like websense or messagelabs etc, their services are usually a good choice, but note the disadvantages as well.

singothuAuthor Commented:
any article for smart host

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