Push WPA2 GPO to Windows XP SP3

Hi im on a windows 2003 R2 domain.

Ive upgrade the AD schema to be able to create wifi gpo for xp and vista (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727029.aspx)

Ive create a new gpo for wifi connection on my windows 7 workstation

On windows vista and windows 7 everything work ok

But on windows xp sp3 the gpo dont applied

I get error 1085 and source Userenv
The Group Policy client-side <Wireless>  failed to execute. Please look for
any errors reported earlier by that extension

If i check the userenv.log on the xp workstation, i get this error

USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:281 ProcessGPO:  Searching <cn={6D77154C-D38A-4B02-9FB0-B415CC7D1153},cn=policies,cn=system,DC=ville,DC=blainville,DC=qc,DC=ca>
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:281 ProcessGPO:  Machine has access to this GPO.
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:281 ProcessGPO:  GPO passes the filter check.
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:281 ProcessGPO:  Found functionality version of:  2
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:281 ProcessGPO:  Found file system path of:  <\\ville.blainville.qc.ca\SysVol\ville.blainville.qc.ca\Policies\{6D77154C-D38A-4B02-9FB0-B415CC7D1153}>
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:281 ProcessGPO:  Found common name of:  <{6D77154C-D38A-4B02-9FB0-B415CC7D1153}>
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:296 ProcessGPO:  Found display name of:  <Wireless PC Connect Automaticly TO CISCO AP HV1 + HV2>
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:296 ProcessGPO:  Found machine version of:  GPC is 6, GPT is 6
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:296 ProcessGPO:  Found flags of:  0
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:296 ProcessGPO:  Found extensions:  [{0ACDD40C-75AC-47AB-BAA0-BF6DE7E7FE63}{2DA6AA7F-8C88-4194-A558-0D36E7FD3E64}]
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:296 ProcessGPO:  ==============================
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:296 GetGPOInfo:  GPO Stratégie de groupe locale doesn't contain any data since the version number is 0.  It will be skipped.
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:312 GetGPOInfo:  Leaving with 1
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:312 GetGPOInfo:  ********************************
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:515 ProcessGPOs: Logging Data for Target <CON11>.
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:12:515 GetWbemServices: CoCreateInstance succeeded
USERENV(418.774) 16:51:12:593 LoadUserProfile: Yes, we can impersonate the user. Running as self
USERENV(418.774) 16:51:12:593 =========================================================

USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:18:203 ProcessGPOs: Processing extension Sans fil
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:18:203 ReadStatus: Read Extension's Previous status successfully.
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:18:203 CheckForGPOsToRemove: GPO <Wireless XP PC Connect Automaticly TO CISCO AP HV1 + HV2> needs to be removed
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:18:203 GetDeletedGPOList: Finished.
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:18:203 ProcessGPOList: Entering for extension Sans fil
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:18:203 MachinePolicyCallback: Setting status UI to Application de la stratégie Sans fil...
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:18:203 MachinePolicyCallback: Extension requested status UI when status UI is not available.
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:19:296 LogExtSessionStatus: Successfully logged Extension Session data
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:19:484 ProcessGPOList: Extension Sans fil returned 0x201b.
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:19:484 ProcessGPOList: Extension Sans fil doesn't support rsop logging
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:19:640 ProcessGPOs: Extension Sans fil ProcessGroupPolicy failed, status 0x201b.
USERENV(3ec.5e0) 16:51:19:640 ProcessGPOs: -----------------------

If i create the gpo from my windows 2003 DC, it's working except that i can't select WPA2 for encryption

Anyone can help me please ?

Thanks !
Jean-François GuénetNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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Jean-François GuénetNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Ive create the gpo from a windows 7 workstation
Should it be ok or it need to be create on a vista or windows 2008 ?

Jean-François GuénetNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Also all my xp workstation are SP3 so i don't need the patch
Jean-François GuénetNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I had to create the gpo from Windows 2008 server

Thanks alot for your help !
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