How do I use task scheduler?

I have a Remote Desktop shortcut to another computer on my desktop.  It is an .RDP file.

How do I use task scheduler to open/execute this .RDP every morning at 8am?  

My goal is to have this Remote Desktop window open for me automatically at 8am so I don't have to click on it every morning.  

Step by step instructions would be greatly appreciate it.  Thank you.
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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first, create the RDP file, saving your credentials if you haven't already (sounds like you did)

then for the task:
1. open the task scheduler (start > programs > accessories > system tools > scheduled tasks
2. file > new > scheduled task
3. name it something, then double-click it
4. in the RUN line of the properties, BROWSE to the where you saved the RDP
5. in the drop down menu at the bottom, make sure to say "all files" so you see it
6. double-click the RDP file and it will insert it into the run box
7. put a checkmark by "run only if logged on", or it will run in the background and you wont see it
8. go to the schedule tab, and set it however you want
9. hit ok

note:  you might be connecting to a server that specifically denies your ability to log on with a saved password, which will prevent all of this from working.

Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Create a new task, browse to the .rdp file you want to execute then set it to run at the desired time.
shaolinfunkAuthor Commented:
while mojo was first by a minute bryon's thorough answer is what helped me.  thanks!
B HCommented:
i figured when you said "Step by step instructions would be greatly appreciate it."  i may as well spend 45 seconds typing it out :)
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