Timeslips - No data selected.

I have a client using Timeslips 2010.  When she tries to print bills for some clients, the message 'No data selected.' pops up on the print.  It looks like it is by design, not an error.  Can't figure out what it wants.  Anybody?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
She may have to save settings so it includes new clients
When printing pre-bills check the option "Clients Start on new page"
 on the button bar on the right and click the little diskette looking icon.  If you rest your mouse over it first, it should tell you it is the Save button.  You will get a window with 5 options checked.  Leave them all checked and click OK
here's some I sourced out
Last Bill Date.  This field should only be filled in if you are setting up a client that you have already billed outside of Timeslips.  Each time you generate a bill through Timeslips this field will be automatically updated to reflect the date of the last bill.  
More here
And here
jigdogAuthor Commented:
Your answer prompted me to figure it out and led me to resources I could not find.  Thanks!

The end solution was that the user had the bills in 'Proof' stage.  Once approved, they printed fine.  This was found using the Billing Assistant.  Hope this thread helps someone else!
Glad I was able to help. Thankyou  :)
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