Trouble installing Office 2007

I am trying to install Office 2007 on a recently reformatted computer that is running Windows XP Pro.  I get about a quarter of the way through the installation (from a genuine Microsoft CD) when a window appears stating, "Setup cannot find Outlook.en-us\ Browse to a valid installation source, and then click OK."

I've verified that the file is on the CD and tried browsing to it and when I do, I get a popup that says, "Invalid location" and then it backs out the installation and closes.    I've also verified that the disk works by using it to install Office 2007 on another box.

Any suggestions?
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RohitBagchiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This will sound strange, but sort you out.

Copy the contents of the CD to a folder on your hard drive and install from there. You shouldnt have a problem.

There are multiple reasons for this happening, and it is a documented issue.

I agree with RB. Copy all of the content of the CD on your computer's hard disk and then install it. It may be a help for you. But, must restart your computer before copying the CD Data.
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