How to Identify which Reports are Running on the Central Management Console/InfoView

Hello Experts,

I am having a database performance problem which has been traced to the server that has the Central Management Console and runs my Crystal Reports Job Server.  Is there a way I can trace which report(s) were run on demand (not scheduled), so I can know if the database perfomance slowdown occurred while a Crystal Report was being run from Info View?  I did check the 'History' option for reports in Info View that I know where run, but there were no historical instances.  

Also, on the Central Management Console REPORTJOBSERVER window - Metrics tab, there is an item, 'Total Number of Job Requests Received:'  which currently shows a '2'.  What does that '2' represent, and if it represents reports, how can I see which reports it is referring to?

Thank you for any guidance on this issue.
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wykabryanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good luck on this one. There is one way to narrow it down. When the database starts to hang due to performance issue. Go into Admin Launchpad (Different than the CMC), click on the instance manager. Log in. The screen will come up blank at first, change the status to Running or Pending. Do not fill in the By User fields. This will return all reports that are pending or running at that time. The reason for Pending is some reports, especially the one with performance issues, sometime start running and then stop - thus go into pending mode. The only other way is to write a report that goes against the audit database, if you have it turned on. CMC schedules are usually done by administrators whereas Infoview schedules are done by everyone else. so it is easy to sort them them.
ChoppAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.  I am going to download the 'SQL Server Performance Dashboard Reports' tool to help monitor and identify the source of the performance problem.

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