User Lost Blackberry - BES Server

A user lost her blackbery device. I need to wipe out/kill the blackberry and then issue an activation for the new one. Carrier is AT&T.

Can someone please assist how to do this on the BES Server.
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in the BAS: BlackBerry solution management > User > Search for the user > Click the users PIN when displayed > scroll to the bottom of the newly loaded page and click Delete all device data and disable device.

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Then add new user. If they are mobile, and can't access email you can always right click and define a custom activation code, and call them with it to provision the device.
It can be under IT ADMIN (expand it) then Erase data and disable handheld
tolinromeAuthor Commented:
ok, I clicked on 'Delete all device data and disable device' and now it says 'The device has been queued to be erased'.

Now, what do I do? Do I have to re-add her as a user (name is still listed in manage user's)?

I need to activate the new one but not sure if I do that now or have to wait or do something else first?

SF Colorado, You mentioned that I have to 'add new user'. Why, if she is still there? I didnt delete the user, I just deleted the device data and device.
Since you deleted the user and the device...
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