Network access interrupted in Access 2007 on Windows 7/Vista


We have an SBS 2008 network where only Windows 7 and Vista clients get an error like the one in the attached image.

This has been happening ever since we migrated to SBS 2008 from 2003.

The following EE articles have been tried:

We have also tried the following:
IP V6 on the clients has been disabled (the server can't have this disabled).
Disabled checksums and other offloading features.
Updated drivers on the workstations.

The database is opened from a network share. Occasionally, when the network interruption occurs, the mapped drive for the database will indicate that it is disconnected but then reconnects by itself.

The error is not consistent and can occur anywhere from once a week to every 5 minutes.

All workstations do not appear to be experiencing network issues with any other file shares or applications.

Your help in this issue will be greatly appreciated!
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
You mention the database is located on a network share - is this a full Access database (that is, everything is in Access, including Forms, Reports, etc) or is this simply a datastore for an app built with another language, like VB.NET?

I'm assuming it's an all-Access app. If so, is the database split into Backend (Tables only) and Frontend (everything else), with a COPY of the FE distributed to each user (i.e. not shared from a network resource)? This is the only way to reliably use an all-Access application. I realize you may have been able to do this in the past, or with your SBS 2003 but that was just pure luck <g>.

You may also be experiencing corruption in the database file. Have you Compacted the database? To do this, open the file in Access, click Office Button - Manage - Compact.

Have you turned OFF SubDatasheets:

Have your turned OFF NameAutoCorrect: Office Button - Access Options - Current Database - Name AutoCorrect
klilerAuthor Commented:
This application does have a database and a separate front end. It has worked fine on Windows XP 32 bit machines for years. The Windows XP machines were connected to our SBS 2003 and SBS2008 servers with no issues. Then, when we added our first Windows 7 64 bit machine, we began to have network connection issues only on that machine. We have added a second Windows 7 64 bit machine and a Windows 7 32 bit macine and both machines also have network connection issues now, but only on this Access application. The program still works fine for our Windows XP machine.

I am not sure about the SubDatasheets issue or the NameAutoCorrect option. This application was developed for us and I am not able to answer these questions.

Could this have something to do with SMB2?
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Are you running Office 32 bit or 64 bit on the Win 7 machine?

Regardless of whether you've had success in the past, the fact remains that you should NOT share the SAME copy of the FE among users. YOu should instead deploy a copy to each user, and install it on that workstation. This can cause quite a lot of issues, especially when you begin to mix and match environments.
klilerAuthor Commented:
We've been running Office 32 bit.

Disabling SMB 2 on the affected workstations caused this issue to stop reoccurring.

Since this issue was resolved internally, I’m requesting a points refund.

klilerAuthor Commented:
Additionally, the method to disable SMB 2 on the client we used can be found here: 

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