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Need to wipe disks

I would like some suggestions on free utilities to wipe disks.
It has to support fiber, I have an MSA1000 that I am using, and want to wipe 14 disks at a time, without wiping the host.
2 Solutions
RartemassAuthor, martial arts coach, IT ConsultantCommented:
Get Dban (Darius Boot and Nuke)

 It has several modes, a couple of which are up to DoD standards.  A good DoD wipe will take several days.
loftywormAuthor Commented:
Ty, but these all appear to need to reboot the host.  Since it is fiber attached disks I am concerned with, I am not sure that they will boot to fiber attached storage, and I would much rather not have to reboot the host.  Any more ideas?
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not me, sorry
Are you returning or selling the MSA?

If you are just wanting to re use it in another department, just a simple reformat of the luns should suffice.
loftywormAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help, but all the tools mentioned need a reboot, not quite what I was looking for.

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