Remote Desktop Not Working, Even Locally

W2K3 R2 x64 with all updates applied.

Remote desktop stopped working on this system for seemingly no apparent reason (no updates or changes were applied).

Windows Firewall is off
Remote desktop is enabled
Terminal Services is running

When I try to a telnet 3389 it fails:

Connection To not open connection to the host, on port 3389: connect failed

Even when I try to do a 'telnet 3389' it fails.

Any ideas?
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ChickensaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok...well then...this is an odd one but my own research has turned this up a few times.  Try updating your video card drivers.  I have no idea why this works but there are a number of people who said this worked for them.

Also a few that says it has to do with one of the updates for .NET3.0.  Maybe try uninstalling some of the .NET related updates.
- Disable the antivirus and firewall associated with antivirus and check if it helps
- Try to reboot the server

Let me know if this works
jonisgoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks Inder, but this has already been tried.  Also this server has no antivirus / firewall enabled.
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jonisgoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks, installed the hotfix and still nada, although it didn't ask me reboot my system so I didn't.

Once we have a maintenance window to reboot this server I'll post back if this hotfix actually did work.
Did someone change the default RDP port?  I would double check the port number by going into the registry and heading over to this key (just in case you didn't know where it is).

jonisgoneAuthor Commented:
Doublechecked, still 3389.
jonisgoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks Chickensaur.  We did do some .NET updates on that box, I'll roll them back and post what I find.

Lets look at what ports are open and watch what happens when we try and connect. Download tcpview from sysinternals to watch ports in action
jonisgoneAuthor Commented:
Removed the last few updates for .NET 3.5 and .NET 3.0 worked.  Thank you everyone!
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