is there a way for sbs 2008 to not be the dhcp server

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One of our sbs 28k servers has very slow internet access for the client machines. is there a way to to turn off the dhcp server in sbs and let the cisco router run the dhcp and not have it puke or whine about it? like i said it is stable but on domain users see a significant drop in internet browsing speed. any ideas?
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ChickensaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Click Start and go to All Programs and expand Windows Small Business Server
Click on Windows SBS Console (Advanced Mode)
On the Network tab, select the Connectivity sub-tab
Click on Start DHCP ().
At this point, the DHCP services will be forced to start.  Since you have another DHCP server running on the network, the DHCP service will stop itself, and log an event in the Event Log about how it can’t start because there is another non-authorized DHCP server on the network.  This is ok.
Immediately click the same button, this time called Disable DHCP ( ).

With DHCP turned off, the SBS reports will spit errors at you.  To turn them off :
Finally, the server is still going to alert you that DHCP services aren’t running, so to fix this:
Flip on over to the Computers sub-tab on the Network tab.
On the right, click on View Notification Settings.
Uncheck the DHCP Server notification, and click OK.
You can disable DHCP, but I would advise against it.  SBS needs everything installed per the wizards to run properly.
MCSA is right in general.  Basically with SBS 2008 throw everything you know out the window.  Most things in SBS needs to be running at all times because of the dependencies.  However, DHCP is safe to turn off.  If you think about it...even if you already have a DHCP server on the network, SBS2008 will turn off its own DHCP server.  It'll spit constant errors but it will turn itself off.
I've run SBS 2008 servers without DHCP installed during migrations from SBS 2003 in the past (not on purpose mind you, but until the 2003 server went into sulk mode, we didn't notice) without problems.
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