login issue after change password on windows 7

Has anyone come across this error code in windows 7?

It appears after you have done a change of password on a user account. It allows you to change the password but following that you get the error: The security database on the server not have a computer account for this workstation’s trust relationship and will not allow you to login to the network with the account on a windows 7 pc.
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FphcareAdminsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The issue was one account log on 2 PCs and change the password on one pc the logon to another pc with old password.
Try this out on your Domain Controller:

1) Start > Run > ADSIEDIT.MSC

2) Go to Domain Partition and mark the affected computer

3) Rightclick and Properties.

4) Doubleclick ServicePrincipalName

5) Add new value: HOST/yourcomputername.yourdomain.xyz or whatever HOST is missing.
FphcareAdminsAuthor Commented:
I have checked the Domain Controller, there is nothing missing. All HOSTs are there. I can login after reboot but it is not solution.

Any idea?
Try to take the machine into workgroup and again take machine Domain then it will login
FphcareAdminsAuthor Commented:
Hi guru-patil

I have tried that and it is same issue.

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