Subreport cutting off horizontal data in crosstab

I can't find a way to make a really wide crosstab subreport print anything other than what will fit on the paper size that is defined in the main report when there is additional data horizonally that needs to be displayed or printed.  

I've tried making the subreport really really wide by dragging out the right margin in the design pane.  No luck with that.

I've even tried making the main have the same crosstab as the subreport has so the main will know how wide the subreport needs to be, even that didin't work.  

I do have "can grow" checked on the subreport, it has no affect.  

I've seen this same issue on other Crystal forums, but no one seems to have a solution.  Any ideas?
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The basic issue here is that subreports have no say in the pagination of a report.  It is all controlled by the main report.
So I don't see that there is any solution to this.

Your only options are to include the crosstab in the main report or in a report on its own.

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Agree.  That may have changed in CR2008 which does allow you to have pages in both portrait and landscape but I don't know if it allows the change to occur in a subreport.

Why is the crosstab in a subreport in the first place? If you can 'put the same crosstab in the main report' then that may well be the way to go.
TLStrotherAuthor Commented:
As it turns out the rest of the info that isn't displayed in designer is displayed just fine if you use either the DHTML or Advanced DHTML viewer after publishing in the CE environment.  Seems odd that the designer can't display it but the viewer can, but I guess it's not that important since the users can see it.  Seems weird though.
TLStrotherAuthor Commented:
It's only in the Crystal Designer environment that the extra info can't display horizontally.  Once published in CE or BOE the DHTML or Adanced DHTML view can display the extra wide subreport perfectly.
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