Dell Vostro 1520

I cant seem to work out what the driver is for the Mass storage controller in device manager.

A new dell vostro 1520 service tag D9WLRK1
running windows 7 32 bit.
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willcompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The driver is either part of the chipset drivers or Intel Matrix Storage Manager for AHCI and RAID. Your notebook has an Intel GM45 chipset and here are the drivers:

Drivers should be included in Windows 7 and separate installation of Intel drivers should not be necessary.

What problem do you have?
Elton BrownCommented:
Are you looking for a driver for the Mass storage controller or a printer driver for your DELL Vostro 1520?
Elton BrownCommented:
Ops sorry about that strike that reply!!!!!
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