How to get new Startech ESata in Dell T110 to recognize 1TB drives

On T110/SBS 2008 I just installed an external RAID drive now available from DELL. Part  no. A300636. Configured as RAID 1, It sees the WD Caviar 1TB drives as 305GB at the BIOS and OS levels. If anyone knows how or can point me to where I can get it to see the full drive capacity I'd love the help.

I did not really expect it to work out of the box, so I'm not surprised it will take some tinkering to get a hot swappable RAID 1 external backup device working,

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First thing you should try is update all BIOS & Firmware (Motherboard + disk controller, if available).  No point mucking with drivers, if BIOS caps at 305 GB, then that constraint gets passed to the O/S.   Don't forget BIOS/FIRMWARE on the StarTech hardware also.
KenrHOwnerAuthor Commented:
I was able to get Startech configured as RAID 10 by toggling through all dip switch options. Unfortuntately scheduled backups to drive reported IO errors starting on about the fourth backup. Removed device from system.

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