Exchange log files growing incredibly fast

Hi all,

Hopefully somebody can help me.  I have a problem with our exchange logs growing at a very fast rate.  Basically it is writing a 5mb log file every 30 seconds and appears to be increasing.

I have checked our information stores and databases and they are not increasing.  I have checked all the mail queues and nothing seems to be trapped (through ESM).

I have gone to the below link, and used the tools to try and determine if a message is caught in a loop, or a user has an email stuck in their outbox which is causing the problem.

No one here runs entourage with our exchange server, so it can't be the issue of too big an email.

I plan to shutdown the exchange services at 6:00pm tonight and restart them to see if that fixes the issue.  

I have heard that you can't delete the log files without causing problems further down the track.  Is this true?

If anybody has any idea's please let me know, stressing big time.
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Brian BConnect With a Mentor Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
The log files should clear themselves out when you back up your Exchange database. Also, check to make sure you don't have any verbose logging enabled.
BigBadWoofAuthor Commented:
Thanks TBone2K.

Just before I saw your comment it suddenly cleared out all the logs.  My manager is away who usually looks after exchange so I was panicking heaps.  Anyway, you were right, so here are your points.
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