System Volume Information on Exchange DB volume takes up too much space

We have an Exchange 2007 cluster running on two virtual Windows 2003 servers in ESX. Each server has three drives: C:, D: (for database) and E: (for logs). The D: drive on the primary node is running out of space because of large files in the System Volume Information folder. These files appear to have only started coming into existence in the last few weeks. The drive has 300GB and 120GB is taken up by these files.

The disk properties/Shadow copies for D: drive shows "Next Run Time" as disabled for all three drives, but also shows that "69219 MB on D:\" in the "USED" column for the D: drive, and "56586 M on D:\" in "USED" column for the E: drive.

The "Shadow copies of selected volume" box is completely empty. Only the "Create Now" button is useable.

How do I stop this behaviour?

How do I get rid of these files?
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indigo369Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Windows Indexing service is using most of the space within System Volume Information folder on each drive.  To reclaim the space, stop Indexing service "OR" within Computer Management, review Indexing Services options underneth "Services and Applications".

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