How to copy a Drupal site

I have a Drupal site that I would like to copy.  My shared host allows me to have unlimited amount of sites and DB so my plan is to create new web site from my original one.  My understanding of the steps involved was that
1- Make my domain name DNS point to my hosting server
2- Add a new domain via my cPanel
3- Copy the all files from my existing Drupal to the new folder
4- Export my database
5- Create a new database
6- Import my script created from step 4
7- Changed the database information in the sites\default\settings.php file

but now when I navigate to my site it automatically goes to the install.php page, why is that happening?  Did I miss any steps?

ps: btw I am new to Drupal, PHP and Linux so if possible be very clear in your explanations
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Avinash ZalaConnect With a Mentor Web ExpertCommented:
try like below:

1) just install the fresh drupal on live environment.

2) After that replace the files with your local files and also Database.

Hope this helps.
i only try the 1st .. after that is work will.
I would recommend first copying all the files to your new location - then do a fresh drupal install so the install script can set up your new database settings file for you - then download and install the backup and migrate module from

It can be found here:

next enable the module on your current site, and create a backup - download the file.  Use the default settings for table data to exclude.  

log into your fresh install and enable backup and migrate and import the file you downloaded from the other site.

Once it is done running it's script you should have a clone of your previous site.

Hope this helps -

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