How to List /Locate SNMP MIBS

Very new to "SNMP" MIBs etc.  I have inherrited this task from co-worker who has migrated to new program.  My environment is Sun/Solaris.  I have been attempting to run my "snmpget" commaind against my hardware devices with no success.  How do I determine if the MIBs are loaded on my system, how do I list them, what is the whole process of snmpget and MIBs?  Can I do what I need to do as far as querying my devices for status without installing a MIBs Browser for now.
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I like for simplicity, as well you can Google and download all bunch of the programs or just look up correct command for your environment.
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The snmp* tools are excellent.
Generally you can configure such options in snmp.conf (see man(1) snmpcmd).  You can also provide command line arguments (-m or -M) for a list of MIBS or you can use an environment variable ($MIBDIRS)
The default place for snmp MIBS is /usr/share/snmp/mibs, but check the man page for snmpcmd as this may be different depending on the snmptools version you're using and where you got it.

Hope this helps
sdrussAuthor Commented:
Several of the websites recommended currently donot exist.
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