active directory functional upgrade prep questions


I am soon going to dcpromo my last Windows 2003 DC to a member server, which will leave me with 2 2008R2 DCs.

The Schema is already at '47' (I think I got carried away when I installed the new DCs)
The 2008R2 DCs have the FSMO roles.
I have done a 'dcdiag' test, and it reports no failures
I have done a few 'repadmin' tests (/showconn and /shovreps), and replication seems ok.

What i plan to do is dcpromo 'away' the 2003 DC
wait for a week until that washes through
and then upgrade the domain and forest functional level to 2008 R2.

I have a few apps that i am concerned about, but i do not know how concerned i need to be...

I have a single Exchange 2007 SP2 server environment with a Blackberry professional on a seperate server.  I was able to migrate from an Exchange 2003 environment a few months ago with no real issues..

I am pretty sure that the Exchange 2007 is supported on the 2008 R2 AD, but I can't find much on the Blackberry Pro software.

is there anything else I need to be looking for?

Thanks much-

Paul O
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There is no issue in upgrading your domain functional level to windows 2008 R2.
The only issue will happen if you install exchange 2007 on windows 2008 R2,else blackberryworks fine & i have seen in live working w/o any issue. 
Take a look here:

It says that 4.1.4 (which is the version BPS is) isn't supported with Server 2008. If you look at the very bottom it says that BES won't install with Server 2008 and Hyper-V 2008 combo, so perhaps as long as you don't have hyper-v installed it will install ok.

Just make sure you take a backup of the database (besmgmt.ldf and .mdf) before you re-install.
Paul_OlsonAuthor Commented:
Looking at the page behind the link you sent, it looks like it is not supported when running on that OS.  My Blackberry Pro software is running on a seperate server (windows svr 2003, mssql 2000).  it looks like the biggest risk I have is the Exchange 2007 SP2 configuration.  My Exchange server (Ex 2007 SP2, Win Srv 2008 SP2) and 2 DCs (Win 2008R2 SP2) are set up on three seperate machines.

The concern I have is that upgrading the functional level of the domain will upset some applications such as Exchange or BPS.


upgrading the functional level of the domain shouldn't affect BPS as long as the besadmin account still has the appropriate permissions within AD and Exchange. Remember, besadmin can't be a member of domain admins.

If you still want to upgrade the server to 2008, consider BES Express, which will run fine on server 2008. BES Express uses LDAP (and the besadmin credentials) to query AD, so any schema and functional changes should be reflected straight away.
Domain & forest functional level is for AD,so if you upgrade to win2k8 R2,you will not able to configure domain controller on win 2k3 or any other less than win2k8 R2,all other application will work fine either you install on win2k,win2k3 or above.

Raising functional level provides more option of 2k8 like different password policy,dfsr,AD recycle bin,offline defrag,AD admin console,central store etc.

So,don't worry you can safely raise the domain as well as forest functional level & ypur application either on w2k,2k3,2k8 will be working as normally.

The schema extension adds more attribute to the object & provides more option & better environment to work with active directory.

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