Get Diablo 1 Working on Macbook

I have the Mac version, though it says something like Classic not supported when trying run it from the disk. Is there anyway to get around this, some type of emulator?

I can't install Windows in bootcamp because it always disk error when restarting in the middle of the Windows installation.
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During the transition from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X, Apple bundled with the newer operating system, an installation of Mac OS 9, which they called classic, in this way, Mac Users could run the versions that weren't compatible with the newer version X by booting Mac OS 9 inside this newer operating system, this was because this transition involved several changes in the OS Platform.

But, when Apple did the transition from Power PC to Intel, This classic environment was dropped and it is not supported in Intel computers, so if you want to run that Mac OS Classic game in a intel processor, I suggest that you use a power pc emulator like sheepsaver .

You could also try to use some of the available pc emulators and install Windows, like VMWare Fusion, Parallels or Virtual Box.

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