I need help calculating EXCEL SLA for Server Downtime

I need someone to assist me with the following excel document. This document has two tabs. The first tab is the raw data for the excel sheet. The second tab is information that requires interpretation to get numbers. For instance, the Incidents By BU Past 30 Days has incidents in the past 30 days by BU. The number needs to be the amount of incidents that are 30 days or older and that belong to that BU. The second time is the total down time. Total down time is the amount of minutes the server was down. The percentage Up time should be the number of minutes the server was down divided by the time the servers was up (minutes in 30 days). I have pre-populated the excel sheet with data to make the formulas work. To complete this task, you will need to create forumulas for the B, C, and D columns for the second worksheet and these columns should adjust themselves accordingly based on the data that is entered on the 1st sheet.  Any ideas or a better approach to this type of collection?
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See if the attached helps. You may want to adjust hours for uptime percentages depending on how many hours a day servers are used.

Let me know if you need any changes.

Thanks, Eric

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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:
Hello securitythreat.

Please note that ericathome's file does not calculate what you want. I have added a few more rows of data to create a range of dates that goes back more than 30 days. Ericathome's version does not take the last 30 days into account at all, but simply takes the whole data from the outage sheet.

I have created three dynamic range names that will grow with the data

BusinessUnit      =Outages!$F$31:INDEX(Outages!$F:$F,MATCH(99^99,Outages!$A:$A,1))
DownTime      =Outages!$D$31:INDEX(Outages!$D:$D,MATCH(99^99,Outages!$A:$A,1))
ODate      =Outages!$A$31:INDEX(Outages!$A:$A,MATCH(99^99,Outages!$A:$A,1))

To calculate the Incidents per BU in the last 30 days

Total down time in the last 30 days
formatted with custom format [hh]:mm:ss

This custom format will give you correct hour values even when the hours are more than 24. In ericathome's file, the date portion would be cut off, and you would see 25:34:00 as 1:34:00, which can be quite misleading.

Percentage uptime for the last 30 days

Please see attached file.

cheers, teylyn
good catch - I did see the 30 day requirement.
securitythreatAuthor Commented:
This worked.. I will probably have more help request.. but thanks.. this is a great start.
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