Windows Vista - "Microsoft Windows Search Indexer" has stopped working....

My computer is telling me that it has stopped working (APPCRASH), SearchIndexer.exe.  Okay, what am I to do about that, then?  I utilize the search function quite a lot, so this is really hampering my style.  
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In run menu option, ( or from command prompt) type services.msc

The services are displayed, look for indexing services, select it to right click it and choose Restart option.

Open up your control panel in Vista and make sure you have "classic view" open.

Click the  "Indexing Options" icon.

Click on the "Advanced" button.

Click "Rebuild".

This should rebuild your index.

You can also start and stop/restart your indexing service too in "Start>Run>Services.msc"

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Oh and...Hi Jeff!
Rejoice! Your computer will now run 150% faster

(sorry I couldn't resist - I switched mine off totally as it wasn't unknown for search indexed to build 1.6GB pagefiles bringing my laptop to a crawl)
CanadianJeffAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure how, but it started working again, anyway, but this information from each of you could come in very handy down the road, as well.  Some very helpful answers, thank you.  
Tribus, how are you?  Thanks for your help once again; very helpful... um, as usual, LOL.  Sorry for the long wait for my reply.  This type of thing seems to happen for me.
AndyBeard, are you telling me that the search indexer slows down a computer that much?  
Personally, I love the search feature.  It's almost necessary for me, at this point, in my work, as it helps me find files, etc., fairly quickly, no matter where they are.  And, my files are a bit of a catastraphe, stuff everywhere.  Maybe when I get it all organized, I can consider turning that thing off.  Sounds like it could be a major reason for my computer slowdown, though, eh?  (I'm Canadian.)  How do I learn the size of my pagefiles, to compare it to your 1.6GB pagefile?  
AnilKumarSharma... your solution sounded ideal -- simple and easy.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find "indexing services" in a rather long list of services running.  Although, couldn't so many services running be an issue in itself?  
CanadianJeffAuthor Commented:
Great answers, I know exactly where to go to handle this now.
This is the way I normally open it

When I have the Task Manager open, there is a performance tab, and there you will find a button to Resource Manager.

My laptop is a little low on resources, I really should add some more memory, but under the resource manager you can see the amount of commited memory, and the hard faults that is causing. Hard faults aren't necessarily a problem, that is when Windows is using the cache on your hard disk.

People often complain about the memory used by Firefox with lots of plugins and tabs open, mine is current siting at a total commit of 600MB of which 374MB is the "working set" in system memory.

That is workable, but if the system is busy rebuilding its index, and I have seen it use 1.6GB commit, though a lot less in system memory, all that HD swapping just kills performance.

The biggest difference for me is I can generally keep Firefox open for longer without having to kill it and restart.

I tend to use search infrequently on my desktop as most of what I do is online.

Search does still work, it just runs a little bit slower which I can live with for the occasional times I use it.
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