Is it possible to configure AD to "roam" only specific subfolders inside the userprofiles appdata-folder?

I would like to configure Active Directory to roam only a specific subfolder inside the users "AppData"-folder. But it seems to me that this isnt possible inside the Group Policy editor. Either you enable roaming profiles - or not. I.E with no possibilities to include specific folders, and exclude others.

Do you know of some way to achieve this withing group policy? Or some other simple way?

User hacks and scripts is not the answer I am looking for.
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Hi am not very sure which group policy object holds this option. But I am sure that I have seen a group policy object prompts to exclude and include the folders to roam. you can choose those folder which you want to be available in roam and not.

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andre_stAuthor Commented:
Ok, but then I need detailed information on how to do this - as I cant find it. The way I thought roaming of AppData is enabled, is through the "folder redirection" in Group Policy. But I may be wrong?

Se attached picture of where in Group Policy I am looking.
Hi, I thank you can choose 'advanced' and you can specify the folders which you want to include.
Also have in %systemroot%\Documents and Settings\%user%\ntuser.ini
it has list folders exluded to copy to server while log off/on.
Please make trail with one user, sorry to say as I dont proper resource with me for now.
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andre_stAuthor Commented:
The Advanced function is not about including/exluding which specific folders to roam - what it does is that you can specify the specific location of the AppData folder on the server, for various groups.

Ok.. How about the ntuser.ini file, did you check it?
andre_stAuthor Commented:
As I am checking this out as a support to one of our customers, I have limited possibilities to test this out for myself. "My" ntuser.ini is empty, but then on the other hand I dont have folder redirection for my user account. So basically I am a little bit in the dark.

How ever I have been trying for several hours now to create a dummy account in our domain, and settings up a folder redirection group policy specifally on that account. But...Group Policy is giving my loads of problems, and the policy is not beeing applied at all for some reason. I´ve tried all of the more basic troubleshooting with gpresult, gpmc result wizzard (from the server), gpupdate from the client etc. But it is still not beeing applied! Perhaps it is because the domain has to syncronize the information between some of the other servers - but I am getting real tired of this now!

Could someone verify that this should work? I.E. simply exclude/include folders in the ntuser.ini? It is a bit problematic though if you only can "exclude" folders as lots of different applications gets installed on the clients over the years, the IT-administrators would then have to modify all the users ntuser.ini-files each time a new application gets installed. And how exactly would then be the best way to update and modify the users ntuser.ini-files in the domain?

andre_stAuthor Commented:
I found a way to exclude which folders gets "roamed". This is possible within:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles > Exclude directories in roaming profile  (see image)

This policy will then effect the "ntuser.ini" file, and modity the exclude list accordingly.

This is a bit problematic though, because if you only want to roam a single subfolder within AppData, you have to write all the subfolders that you want to "exclude". I.E. Application Data\ATI; Application Data\Java; Application Data\Adobe etc. This means that everytime a new software is installed that places folders within AppData, the administrator has to update the Group Policy´s, exclude-list.

It would be much simpler if it was possible to use "include" instead of "exclude". I.E. making it only necessery to define which folder to include in the roaming, meaning that all others automatically gets excluded.

Is this possible?

But since I at least now know of a way to roam specific folder - I am closing down the question. Thanks for your replies.
andre_stAuthor Commented:
Although I didnt get any information on which group policy setting I could use, I was able to find it out for myself searching for articles about ntuser.ini.
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