I would like to setup debian leeny samba server, Do i need (or must) QUOTA install for my samba server?
Thank you
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That depends on your requirements.  How many users, how much space, how disciplined are the users etc.

If you are worried that users will fill the drives with rubbish then setup QUOTA's if not, then don't.

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linuxdebianAuthor Commented:
nearly 25 windows xp users.

if dont need how can i increase space later if one of  them needed?

Thank you
You could add a new hard drive, and then create a new folder and add that to your samba share, or move an existin share across to it.  25 users isn't too many really, just keep an eye on the useage if they start taking up more space than expected/necessary then implement quotas before increasing space.

This is a link to adding a drive to a linux box.  Not sure of your setup, so use it as a guideline.
Monis MontherSystem ArchitectCommented:
The best way to plan for scalability for your Disk Space is making your Data partitions or share partition or any partition you see that will use lots of data as LVM partitions by that you can expand them with new disks not necessarily the same size disks and extend your partitions
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