sys is undefined

silverlight content which calls wcf webservice does not load (at all) when deployed on web hosting. It works fine on local machine. On host, it doesn't load the silverlight content at all, and gives a javascript error saying sys is undefined.

It gets 404 errors if I look at fiddler, for webresource.axd and scriptresource.axd calls. I get 404s if I try to browse directly to the service. I get 405s if I try to add a reference to the service to a  project on the local machine.
NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE was listed as a user for the local version of the database. I omitted that from the script when putting it on the host because I didn't have access rights to create it.
As I recall, it is needed for webservices to have access. Would this be causing the error i describe?
If there is an issue with getting this set up as a user on the shared host, would there be a way of configuring things so it's not necessary?
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Hi peterdungan,

Try adding the EnableEventValidation = "false" property for the page directive
peterdunganAuthor Commented:
Adding the following to the web config handlers section appears to have fixed it; although I haven't tested it on the same machine where the bug occurred yet:
           <add name="Ajax" path="*.axd" verb="*" modules="IsapiModule"
preCondition="classicMode,runtimeVersionv2.0,bitness32" />
peterdunganAuthor Commented:
I get a 405 error when I call the webservice from the Silverlight application.
Why is that?
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peterdunganAuthor Commented:
That link doesn't solve my problem unfortunately.

In the link, it says to check if the service is accessible in the browser. In my first post I mentioned that I get a 404 if I browse directly to it in the browser. It seems that the host isn't configured to handle svc calls? Would it be corrrect to ask them to run ServiceModelRef.exe?

peterdunganAuthor Commented:
This was solved by my host. An isapi handler in needed to be defined in the web.config file.

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