automated join in domain

I want to joint my client windows xp mainly in domain automatically by script or any method. I have more than 5000 pcs in my's so difficult to do that manually..

any idea please....
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Are the PCs already using Active Directory? If so, you could write a startup or login script. If not, you can still write a basic script, but deploying it will have to be manual unless you already have some type of remote installation/administration configuration for the PCs. Migrating local profiles to domain profiles is also a time consuming and very time consuming and problematic task.

For the actual scripting, the model here works well and provides enhanced security through a read-only domain controller:

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Check out this.

Just for clarification. Why do you have installed 5000 clients without making any thoughts about the managebility and so on?
I just see a lot of problems when exeuctin the script. If the firewall is enabled on the client you will have to log on to each client. Also you have to specify the local user account of each client when e.g. executing the script with psexec
Agreed. That's why I asked if it was already using Active Directory - 5000 PCs is unmanageable without a an excess of PC support personnel and infrastructure. The general rule of thumb is about 50 is the limit before some form of Active Directory, i.e. ADAM, or similar technology should be considered.
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