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We've added some features and templates from Codeplex and microsofts sharepoint templates into sharepoint 3.0 but now the action menus are not visible for any new document library I create, I have full permissions everywhere. We've disabled all features etc that we installed I'm just worried that somehow we've overwritten the template for the action menu. I've checked some of the other answers on here, the site is not locked.
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LongJon34Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found that the file DefaultTemplates.ascx was recently modifed so I replaced it with the same file from a different installation of sharepoint and my menus are back.
Hi LongJon34,

You can read and check this:

Also (something I found on EE - originally itgrooves answer - maybe it'll help)
Any chance you have a matching account called 'me' (assuming that is the real username :) as a local administrator account on the SharePoint server and that is the account defined as a Site collection Administrator, instead of the domain one?  

Hope this helps, please let me know.
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