How to get value on custom DialogBox to modify XML file!?

Hi all, I'm a new mem of Installshield, and now I'm using InstallShield Pro 2009.
I use it to create an Web install project. In this project, I create a custom DialogBox to get config value for WebApp (Ex: appname, Database type, username, pass......) from end user, but I don't known how to get values to modify webconfig of webapp.

Please help me to handle my problem.
Thanks so much for any help!!!!
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Vadim RappConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your dialogbox is probably bound to some property. For example, property APPNAME. In Installation Designer, select "XML file changes" in the tree on the left, and create new XML file. Once it's created, press F1 and read Help about how to create new elements. When you create new element, you can specify its name or value as [APPNAME] - the installation will replace it by the contents of your dialogbox. For more information about these substitutions, see article "Formatted" in Windows Installer reference.
FISSOFTAuthor Commented:
I don't create new XML file to changes, I change exist XML file by import it into XML changes file, and I can do this. But now I have a custom DialogBox, I don't known how to get value of Edit field on Custom dialogbox. Please give me a solution for my problem
Thnks so muck !!!!
Vadim RappCommented:
Sorry, there's nothing to add to the previous comment. Read it carefully.
Vadim RappCommented:
ID:29188855 does not have any solution, so it shouldn't be accepted.

http:#29137129 has complete instructions on how to transfer contents of dialog box to XML file using the property the dialog box is bound to.
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