MSDE 2000 'SQL Server does not exist or access denied.' only from other computer

Hi all,

I have a single MSDE SQL-Server instance on a Win 2000 Terminal Server. I can connect by windows authentification or using SQL Server authentification. I can administrate the sql server instance using enterprisemanager. But it only works local. Trying to connect to the server from anonther server or workstation does not work.

I can ping the server and I can use ressources of the server (task for example) from other computers, but enterprise manager 2000, simple ODBC Connection or SQL Server management Studion 2005 can't establish a connection to the MSDE instance.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks a lot

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Alexey KomarovConnect With a Mentor Chief Project EngineerCommented:
Good day,
 Please collect the error logs of the SQL instance. Usually they're at
"C:\program files \Microsoft SQL Server\<SQL Server Instance>\MSSQL\Log\"
In this log should be lines of a kind "SQL server listening on"
DatenkulturAuthor Commented:
I was looking for the log some minutes before this post. I found, that logging was deactivated. I activated it. After this action, the connection was possible. Strage...

Possibly it was some of my other actions and they only did not work immediately. Who knows...
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