Date format in ColdFusion

I have a used ‘CFGRID’ with ‘CFGRIDCOLUMN’ using the ‘parks’ from ‘cfdocexamples ‘database
In the code I pull in the dateestb field and all works fine. I need to format the date to display dd ddd mmm yyy.
How can I do this, can anyone help.
( I have attached code I am using in 2 pages, a cfm and a cfc)
<!--- Code saved as demo.cfm --->

<cfform name="parkForm">
	<cfgrid format="html" name="parkGrid" pagesize="10" selectmode="row" bind="cfc:calender.getParks({cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize},{cfgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdirection})">
		<cfgridcolumn name="parkName" width="300" header="Name" />
		<cfgridcolumn name="parkType" width="180" header="Type" />
		<cfgridcolumn name="city" width="120" header="City" />
		<cfgridcolumn name="state" width="60" header="State" />
        <cfgridcolumn name="dateestb" width="150" header="Date Est" />
<!--- End Code saved as demo.cfm --->

<!--- Code saved as calender.cfc --->
<cffunction name="getParks" access="remote" returntype="struct">
	<cfargument name="page" required="true" />
	<cfargument name="pageSize" required="true" />
	<cfargument name="gridsortcolumn" required="true" />
	<cfargument name="gridsortdirection" required="true" />
	<cfif arguments.gridsortcolumn eq "">
		<cfset arguments.gridsortcolumn = "parkName" />
		<cfset arguments.gridsortdirection = "asc" />

	<cfquery name="parks" datasource="cfdocexamples">
		select		parkName, parkType, city, state, dateestb
		from		parks
		order by	#arguments.gridsortcolumn# #arguments.gridsortdirection#

	<cfreturn queryconvertforgrid(parks, page, pagesize) />
<!--- End Code saved as calender.cfc --->

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there are 2 ways you can approach this:

1) use db-specific date functions to get the date in preferred format from db.
unfortunately, apache derby db (which is the db of the cfdocexamples that ships with cf8+) does not have necessary built-in functions to return a date in your preferred format. but other dbs (ms sql, mysql, etc) all have them

for an explanation and example read this:

2) use a custom grid cell renderer to re-format the date cell in your preferred format.
explanation and example can be found here:


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