No connection through VPN tunnel from second server (AD) to SBS2008 after mooving to remote location (new subnet)?

I have installed a second server as backup domain controller in my SBS2008 Premium domain. Everything works ok. After mooving the second server to remote location (new IP adress and new subnet). I have no contact between the two servers after changing IP address on the "second server".
I have the following setup:
The two sites have a dedicated VPN tunnel (ISP Managed solution) running for the AD replication and SBS2008 services. The sites also have dedicated internet connection for local internet access. The internet routers (Zyxel ZyWALL USG 100) function as default gateway on both subnets. I have created routes for the two site subnets on each router.
VPN tunnel is operating as far as I can see. I can ping from one site to the other. But I can not ping the servers (both ways).
What do I miss, please help...?
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make sure the gateway address is correct on the second server.
PeterKaasAuthor Commented:
What is the correct gateway?
I have two internet lines. One for local Internet acces (Zyxel ZyWALL USG 100) and one for the VPN Tunnel (ISP Managed).
I use the local internet connection as gateway for the second server. In this gateway i have routed all traffic to SBS domain subnet through the VPN Router / Tunnel.
If i usethe VPN router as gateway I have no local Internet access?
If you have 2 gateways on the subnet, then I can suggest a workaround.  

Use the internet router as the gateway.    On the server and on every other PC in the subnet, you'll need to run a local static route for the VPN connection.  

Open a command prompt.  

Type ROUTE PRINT.   This will show you the current routes.  You should have 1 default route to the internet gateway.  

To enter a new static, you would use:
ROUTE -p ADD <destination subnet> MASK <destination Mask>  <IP address of VPN gateway> Metric 2

Try that,m then try pinging the 2nd server and see if the traffic flows.  

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PeterKaasAuthor Commented:
Hi RustyZ32 and MikeKane,
Sorry for answering late!
I tried both of your suggestions and the one from MikeKane solved my problem....;-)

Thank you very much for your help

PeterKaasAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your advise.
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