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I'm trying to script a batch file that will create a set of folders with specific permissions. Up to this point, i've been using cacls. I've recently had the request to deny delete permissions on one of these folders. I obviously cannot do that with cacls, so i need to use xcacls. I tried running xcacls on the command prompt and it basically told me that it doesn't know what program i'm talking about. So i downloaded xcacls from Microsoft that had an installer which when run, created a xcacls.vbs file. I have to run the from the actual folder that its in for it to recognize the program i need, and when i try to run it, i get an error message stating: "You are not using CScript for the scripting engine. Screen messages will be surpressed." So i tried running a basic test to modify permissions within the same file folder in a command prompt and that little window keeps on appearing and nothing changes.

What i'd like to do is have this batch file on a public server (Windows Server 2003) and allow about 5 people to run this file.

What do i need to do to each of their computers and the servers in order to get this to run correctly without an error message?
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khashayar01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
have you tried running: "cscript <path to your xcacls>"
ciphronAuthor Commented:
so in the batch file, i type:
cscript <path to xcacls.vbs> <filename> <permissions>
exactly, give that a shot.
ciphronAuthor Commented:
that works!
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