Compiled EXE will not run

We use some 'old' compiled EXE programs that run in DOS, generated from QuickBasic some time ago (last century!).  The programs, origianlly wriitten in GW Basic and compiled via QuickBasic, run on a number of our XP pro PC's without any issue whatsoever.  That is with the exception of a new Samsung NC10 Netbook that came upgraded from XP Home to XP pro.  Whenever the user clicks the program icon, nothing happens.  His desktop PC is a recently-purchased high-spec machine (pre-downgraded from vista to XP pro).  The programs run on this machine without issue.  The question is, why should these progams work fine on a PC, yet not run on another XP pro machine - albeit a 10" netbook.
It should be noted that the PC desktop icon for these exe's is the MSDos icon, whereas there is no icon associated with the exe's on the netbook version.

Any ideas, please?
Keith Blakesley
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compatibility settings?  It may be that the working machines have some msdos-compatibility settings in place that you don't have on the new pc.

Look at the shortcuts on the working and compare the new machine against them.  The icon or lack thereof hints in that direction as well.

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Ah...GWBasic and QuickBasic.  That brings back some memories.

Anything written to the windows event logs?  I'm guessing the runtimes aren't installed on the new system
keithedwardbAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,
Thank you for the suggestions.  As is always the case, the user is offsite today so I cannot get to check.  I'll do this tomorrow.
Compatibility Settings.
  The user tried the compatibility mode , run as windows 95 (which he dooesn't do on his PC
  I did notice this morning that the programs on the netbook were placed on the desktop, on the pc they were located within a folder in My Docs.
I'll look at the shortcuts and report back.
Event Logs
I'll check the event logs too.
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Try using an emulator, like DOSBox (
The simple answer is they require the quickbasic run-time library. What version of QuickBasic
keithedwardbAuthor Commented:
Problem solved thanks.  The answer was visible in the shortcuts (attached for ref. ) The conventional memory on the desktop version was set to Auto, on the Notbook, to 320.  As soon as this was changed to Auto, the program ran.

Thanks for the  help
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