Non-thermal label printer


I'm looking for a non-thermal label printer and was wondering if anyone knew of a good relatively low-cost model.

We've tried thermal label printers (brother, dymo, etc) and they work fine. Only problem is that the labels are off-white (slightly yellow?) and so they don't blend into white envelopes too well. We tried transparent labels and found that those aren't really transparent, they have a yellow tint. I think the yellow probably has to do with the coating they need to apply on top of these thermal labels.

I'm being picky I know, but presentation is very important for us.

At the moment we're using our laser printer to print sheets of labels but that's not very convenient for one-off labels.

So we think a non-thermal (either laser or ribbon-based) printer might be the best solution.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

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NyradelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are multiple vendors who sell the rolls and ribbons. You are not stuck to one supplier. We have always used the vendor supplied products. It was between 2 and 5 cents a label.

We use the zebra 2844. These are direct Thermal or thermal transfer. Only seem to yellow when in the sunlight for long periods of time with the direct transfer.
amrshalabyAuthor Commented:
Hi Nyradel,

Thank you for your comment. I didn't realise that there were two types of thermal printers like you mentioned (direct thermal and thermal transfer). Seems like I should be shopping for a thermal transfer label printer.

Does the Zebra 2844 use any paper / label roll or do you need to buy manufacturer specific labels?

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