How to Place an Image on the Outside of the Outside Margin

Dear Experts,
I am using Microsoft Word 2007 and I want to place a lot of JPG files in the outside margin.  Each JPG will be a little icon representing an audio clip that the reader of my book should listen to.  I always want this to appear 0.2 of an inch outside the outside margin (that would be to the left of the margin on an even numbered page, otherwise to the right).  

How do I achieve that effect.  I can do it on one page but if I insert text above it and force the image to the following page it gets screwed up.  I have experimented with various settings under text wrapping --> More Layout Options.  Nothing seems to help.  Whenever the image is pushed to the next page it gets screwed up.  

Also I want to put a caption under the image that lines up with the sides of the image.   How do I alter the default settings of an image caption.
Best Wishes,
Philip Truscott
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Microsoft Word does not offer this functionality.  To achieve this you will have to switch to a page layout program such as FrameMaker.  
--One alternative is to add the images after all editing is complete (if that ever happens).  
--The other alternative, which I use, is to switch to a single page layout with all pages formatted the same (for example, all right reading pages) instead of alternating left-right layouts.  In my case the images are text boxes with phrases that reflect important points in the adjacent text.  When I edit the document, the boxes flow with the text, but they are always to the right of the text.  
  * Place the anchor in the associated paragraph and format the icons to "Lock anchor" and "Move object with text"
  * Set text wrapping to "In front of text"
PTRUSCOTTAuthor Commented:
I am not sure my college owns a copy of Framemaker.  Is there a Microsoft Product that does this?

Best Wishes,

No.  Because of the design of the programs' page layout, this is not a capability of Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.  Sorry.  

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PTRUSCOTTAuthor Commented:
Do you happen to know how well Framemaker will import my MS WOrd document?  Will it import all my end note annotations?   Will it preserve the layout of images?

Best Wishes,

Phil T.
Phil, the last time I did it several years ago, translating Word documents into FrameMaker was largely a manual process of correcting the formatting once it is imported.  There's a workflow description here: 

Learning FrameMaker involves a learning curve and a shift to a new document layout paradigm.  It's not something you'll want to do just for a single document.  
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