Dell XPS 420 Replacement Fan

The fan in my XPS 420 died. I checked the parts list for this model on the Dell site and there is no fan listed.  Can anyone advise what I should purchase as a replacement? My warranty expired at the end of January (!).
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If it's a case fan, just look for one that is the same size - they usually are 80mm and run on 12v, either from a motherboard header or via a standard molex adapter.  If it's a cpu fan, you will need a heatsink/fan desined for a Core2 Duo cpu - is where I shop.
Hello yic01,
If you are not sure what the size or type of fan you need, buying a fan can become difficult. Different fans have different speeds, cooling capacity, sizes, etc.. If unsure, you might be better off buying directly from Dell.
Even if your warranty is expired, you can call Dell and order the replacement fan you need. Your computer has a label (sometimes on the side, others on the top or back) with the "Service Tag". This service tag and knowing which fan you need will allow you to order the exact part you need.
Make sure that you know if it is the processor (CPU) fan, the case fan, the power supply fan or the video card fan the one that is giving you problems.
Also, all fans have an airflow direction. It is EXTREMELY important that you do not install it backward. This could result in damage to your motherboard, CPU, video card or power supply unit.
You need to be very careful to notice when you remove the bad fan, to take note on how the "airflow arrow" (black arrow on the fan that indicates the direction of the airflow) is positioned and put the replacement in the same position.
You can contact Dell Parts Direct 1-800-357-3355 Mon.-Fri. 7am - 8pm CST
I hope this helps...
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yic01Author Commented:
Thank you very much!!
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