Exchane 2007 - More than 1 alias

Hi Experts. We have Excgange 2007. I have some users that have more than 1 email address due to their surnames. exmaple is penny@domain.co.za then penny1@domain.co.za and penny2@domain.co.za........i have all these email addresses in her proerties on the server but external emails only come to the first 2 emails which is penny@domain.co.za and penny1@domain.co.za but NOT penny2@domain.co.za. However, if i send mails internally then it goes to all these addresses perfectly. Please help.
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SnowWolfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are MX records directed to your server? Or is there something that scan's mail first?
Antonio VargasMicrosoft Senior Cloud ConsultantCommented:
An E-mail relay appliance may be blocking the mails to the third smtp address. Like snowwolf asked, are the mails comming directly to exchange or is there anytjing filtering mail?
BSTITAuthor Commented:
not 100% the solution
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