Access Denied: SharePoint List Item Approval


I have custom permission level in sharepoint site defined with the permission to approve list items: 'Collaboration and Approbation'.
I have a list item with permissions for user TESTUSER = 'Collaboration and Approbation'.
When I log in as a TESTUSER and try to approve or refuse this list item, I get ACCESS DENIED error.
What may cause this error and what should be done in order to give particular user approve\refuse access to the given list item.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
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mccarthybriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would look to break inheritence on that list from the page I would then add that user to the list permissions with the approval permissions
bklmnshAuthor Commented:
Dear SharePoint experts, this is very urgent question, I really need your help.
bklmnshAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestion, mccarthybri.
I broke permissions inheritance in the list, and assigned to the user access level 'Collaboration and Approbation' - It didn't work until I updated 'Collaboration and Approbation' permission level by setting 'Manage Lists' permission, then it works.

But this is not correct, I don't want the user to have the ability to add\remove columns, views etc. I just wont to give him approve permissions on given list item. How can I do that?

Attached is a screenshot of 'Collaboration and Approbation' permission level settings.
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Have you tried just giving the C and A pemission level just approve items and not anything else?  or do the other permissions come along with it?
bklmnshAuthor Commented:
I've just tried your suggestion
Following permissions were turned on automatically with Approve Items permission:
- Edit Items
- View Items
- View Pages
- Open

However in this case I get "Access Denied" error even earlier - when trying to get to the approval page, while with previous settings I got the error after choosing approve action and pressing OK
see if that account has permissions somewhere else on the page or is in a group for that list that has permissions which could be blocking it.  
bklmnshAuthor Commented:
Working solution:
change list settings "allow users to edit only own items" to "allow users to edit all items"
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