Receipt Printer is Causing Issues with Normal Printing

First, the background.  This issue has been haunting us for years now, but at times it seems to just disappear... tho I think that people just stop complaining after a while and new blood brings it back.  We are a FI with several branches.  Every teller has an Epson thermal receipt printer (TM-T88III or TM-T88IV to be exact).  They also have one or two network printers that they can print to (normally a Xerox MFP and/or an HP LaserJet).  One important piece is that the Epson must be set as default for the Teller software to print receipts to it.

The issue is that when the Epson gets installed, the tellers suddenly have issues printing normal documents to their network printers.  The docs all want to print receipt width.  We have tried a number of things.  We'll assume they're trying to print something from IE, for example.  They can change the default printer before they hit print, no change.  They can try to change the paper size, no change.

I've installed the network printer as a local printer, after the Epson install, in the past and could have sworn that that fixed the issue, as it appeared the Epson driver was just taking over when it was installed.  But even that doesn't seem to fix the issue anymore.

I have a workaround, but it is not liked by the users.  Every morning, a user has to set their default printer to the network printer before opening IE and Outlook and any other program they may need to print from.  Then they change it back to the Epson and get to work.  As long as they never close those windows, they can print fine all day by selecting the printer when they print.

I guess, I'm just really hoping someone has either experienced and worked through this issue, or knows how to get around it.  I'm willing to try just about anything to make it work.  Thanks in advance!
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Davis McCarnConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
You are not alone!
What is happening is that the Epson software is globally changing the default paper size to the receipt paper.
You can go into the Advanced settings for the other (HP or Xerox) printer in IE and fix it by changing the paper there each time you open IE or, apparently, if you switch to Firefox, the problem doesn't occur.
Here is another thread with your same problem:
The real solution is to b*tch at your POS vendor to eliminate the default printer requirement, at Epson for screwing up Windows, or MS fo leaving the paper size alone when you run IE. (yuck)
You could write some batch files to set the default printer to be used by the current app, then open the app.

Set the printer -

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