Camera Lens for Axis IP camera

I want a lens, with f number 5.6 and also a pretty good angle 90 degree or more.
The reason for the greater angle is to encompass a greater view, similar to a panoramic view
The reason for a smaller f number is to gave a good focus from 2 meters to infinity.
Lens mounting systems is CS.
Sensor.of camera is 1/4"
Model of camera is Axis P1344

The camera will be used in a more daylight situation. So now I just need a lens manufacturer that makes these kind of lens and maybe a price.
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Axis does not advertise their P13 series cameras (such as the P1344) as having interchangeable lenses. If the mount is indeed a CS mount, you can mount any manual CS lens on the camera (losing automatic or computer control over iris and focus) Take a look at for some good wide-angle f/1.2-1.4 options. You're probably looking at prices in the $30-70 range on a one-off basis, or less if you are looking to buy in bulk.

_3mp3ror_Author Commented:
thanks for answering
the p1344 or the p13 series have from what i see in the manual the cs mount system
regarding that website i saw it some time ago but I don't know why I can not find an F5.6 lens.
This idea of mine come from axis's website where they say 
Iris opening and depth of field. The below illustration is an example of the depth of field for different f-numbers with a focal distance of 2 meters (7 feet). A large f-number (smaller iris opening) enables objects to be in focus over a longer range. (Depending on the pixel size, very small iris openings may blur an image due to diffraction.)

But in axis p1344 user manual found here
they say:
AXIS P1344:
• Varifocal 3 - 8 mm, F1.2, DC-iris, CS mount
• Horizontal angle of view: 32° -74°
• Vertical angle of view: 17° - 41°
• Diagonal angle of view: 32° - 84°
• Remote back focus
• Focus range: 0.3 m to infinity
So why they say that a higher f number will focus into infinity when they say also in the manual that the F 1.2 will also focus to infinity.
I don't understand if the picture is wrong or I missed something.

_3mp3ror_Author Commented:
whops my bad with the firs image

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Well, the smaller opening (higher f/ number) works much the same way a pinhole camera does - if the opening is small enough, eventually you don't even need a lens to focus. But, for security cameras, the goal is usually to admit as much light as possible, so they are generally made with f1 to f1.2 apertures. I've seen them as small as f/1.8, but not much smaller than that.
The 1334 and 1344 do use a standard CS mount lens. Even better is that it is a DC style iris - this means that the camera controls the iris.  That is what the wire you see running from the lens to the camera is for.

You likely will not find a fixed f5.6 lens for a security camera because the light is usually an issue even at f1.2.  If you look at the minimum lighting on many cameras they have pretty high lux specs.   The 13 series look to have quite good settings at .3 lux for color.  If you look at some of the earlier Axis cameras they have 1 or 2 or higher lux.  At these light sensitivities,  which are pretty common for color security cameras a f5.6 will produce a very bad picture.

Another reason is that auto iris is a DC controlled auto iris is a pretty common feature.  Most cameras that support a DC iris are effectively adjustable from full open to full close.  Not all let you set it manually,  some are just auto on or off.  So if you needed any f stop you could get with a auto iris cameras you just have to get one that allows manual settings.

In the case of the 13 series I do not think the iris can be controlled through the web interface but it may be able to be set through the HTTP API.  Here's a link to the API manual, look in the PTZ control section,  around page 38-40.

Turn off autoiris,
http://<camera ip>/axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi? autoiris=off

Then to set the iris manually,
http://<camera ip>/axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi? iris=<value>

where <value> is 1-9999,  not sure if high or low is full open.

I do not know for certain if this features is supported for the 1344 though.  So it might be a question to ask Axis before you buy if you don't have it allready.  Given the camera having a DC style iris it 'should' or is quite possible.  The API is generic for all Axis camera's so if lists controls for everything but the iris control is included in the PTZ section and this is not specifically a PTZ camera.

So potentially you could set the iris to whatever you want using the existing lens set to 3 mm which is about as wide as you can get before getting a badly distorted picture.  There are some specialty lenses which can go full 180 degrees or more but you need software to 'fix' the picture.

Here's a pretty cool 360 degree lens that works with any camera,

The axis 212 also has a pretty wide view angle also.

If you are using this outdoors you really will need auto iris.  Between bright sun and clouds you can end up with some pretty bad pictures if the fstop is fixed.


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_3mp3ror_Author Commented:
spoke with axis and they said it's not possible to use the iris on manually  it's only auto. I hope this will not change things much when I mount the camera outside.
You were saying that I need a software to fix the picture on a 360 deg. lens. Any idea of such software that runs on Linux ?
Do you have the camera or are you just looking at buying it?

If you have it I would still give the HTTP api a try just to see.  The customer support may have meant you cannot control it through the web control.

The Immervision lens SDK supports linux though this is not a 'finished product'.

The autoiris is designed to give the best possible result for the camera and I really think you will be farther ahead with it than a manual f5.6 setting.  So if you have the camera give it a go and see what you get.  The 3mm on the varifocal is going to be about as good as you get.  Though I find on some cameras I simply cannot get the widest view to focus properly,  I think the Axis unit is around 75-80 degree maximum.  Depends on the conditions.

If you do not have the camera there may be better alternatives for wider angle shots than the Axis products.  Some of Mobotix cameras support a native wide angle shots,

They do a nice panoramic shot that is not distorted and they do have a 360 camera.  It's native picture is similar to the Immervision native view and I am not certain if the interface works on linux to give you the corrected view (I don;t know if the work is done in the camera or the computer).
_3mp3ror_Author Commented:
I know about the mobotix, I tested the M-24, it was great but I needed H.264. I also know the Q but again  mobotix camera do not use h.264 and I need it. 
That's why I was asking if you knew about a software correction tool for the 360 deg. lens.
I will have the axis camera soon and I will return with feedback after I test it.
_3mp3ror_Author Commented:
I tested the camera, and it's ok, now I just need to know if a software can correct the deformations caused by a 360deg lens and offer a panoramic view.
_3mp3ror_Author Commented:
I have moved on, like the current lens, still don't really know how can I correct the distorons of a 360 deg lens, but that is not a problem now.

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