Need product similar to MS Steady State that is Windows 7 compatable

We are looking for a product that is similar to Windows steady state where we can protect the PC and also sent out modifications to each client/PC when needed (push software updates).  Steady State is NOT supported with Windows 7 which is what all our PC's are running.

We we found "Deep Freeze", however it is quite pricy...  does anyone know of alternatives?

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mmarx82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Faronic's DeepFreeze is the only one I know of. It's a good product we use the enterprise edition.

Clean Slate is another option available although I'm not sure of the pricing on it.
mchyzikAuthor Commented:
mmarx82: do you use deep freeze it for software deployment/updates as well?
For software deployment/updates you can configure a maintenance schedule (usually after hours) where the computer will restart unfrozen (meaning changes are allowed) when it can then get its software deployment packages and updates.
Also it's worth mentioning that Deepfreeze has a Clone switch if your going to image one computer to another.
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