Trying to mix JavaScript and coldfusion unsuccesfully

i am trying to create a simple form where people choose their templates. this is within a larger page as a cfdiv element. on click, i want to navigate over to the template.

I need to get the "[document.getElementById('TemplateType').value]" or something like that too actually work.

thank you in advance.
this works if i hardcode a file template name (areatemplate1, areatemplate2, etc)

<cfform name="TemplateChange">
        <cfinput name="AID" value="#AID#" type="hidden">
            <select name="TemplateType">
                  <option value="1">1</option>
                <option value="2">2</option>
                <option value="3">3</option>
                <option value="4">4</option>
            <br />
            <cfinput type="submit" id="saveID" value="save" name="save" onClick="ColdFusion.navigate('/cms/arealist/areatemplates/areatemplates/areatemplate[document.getElementById('TemplateType').value]', 'templateDiv');"  >
            <cfinput type="submit" id="close" value="close" name="close">
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you concatenate strings and js variables like this:
'string' + jsvariable

so your onclick event should look like this:
onclick="ColdFusion.navigate('/cms/arealist/areatemplates/areatemplates/areatemplate' + document.getElementById('TemplateType').value, 'templateDiv');"

i am also not sure i would put it as onclick event in a submit button - unless you really want to also submit the form when the button is clicked. otherwise, either use cfinput type="button" or add return false; to the end of onclick event to prevent form submission:
onclick="ColdFusion.navigate('/cms/arealist/areatemplates/areatemplates/areatemplate' + document.getElementById('TemplateType').value, 'templateDiv'); return false;"


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ojohnsonAuthor Commented:
Ok thank you. I do need to the form to submit as well. Thank you for your quick response
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