HP Proliant ML370 G4

have server and wanted to update all hardware.....does anyone know if HP makes an all in one application for updating hardware for the Proliant ML370 G4...if so,,,where can i get it...most lkely link....thanks alot..
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westhelpdeskConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Nevermind I found the solution after a little searching.......The product is called HP Support Pack...this will scan the Server for outdated hardware and then let you choose which updates to install...thanks everyone for all your help>>>>
westhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
yes have this page but could not find it...it is a 2003 server proliant ml370 g4....i remember awhile back there was a utility that scanned the system and showed you out of date drivers and then asked if you wanted to upgrade....comes with all hp servers.......cant remember name though....any help???/
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HP Systems Insight Manager?
HP SmartStart?
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