How to automate NTBackup to do daily backups to an external USB drive with dynamic bkf names

I have a 1TB drive attached to a machine that I want to use NTBackup on to backup 'My Documents' and the System State on a daily (or weekly) basis.  I don't want to overwrite older backups - instead I'd like for a script or program to name the backup name for me in the form of the date and time, like this: e:\Backups\201003291008.bkf where 1008 equals the hh:mm that the backup occurred.  

Is this possible, and if it isn't is there a way to at least make each backup file unique?

The goal is have the backups running unattended in the background to the TB drive so that the user never has to think about it.
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EnriquePhoenixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
james_axtonAuthor Commented:
I used leew's script (found below) to accomplish what I needed:

Thanks to both of you for your links as well - they were very helpful.
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